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The last few days have been amazing and I am ready for an even more amazing weekend.

I love my friends so much.
Nicole, Jordan, Charlie. I love you guys.
Thank you to everyone at porneoke and the Castle. I had so much fun!

I can't believe Jordan is leaving. =(
I am so sad.
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I love you mostly more.

i made that up
i should stop.
good to see ya at porneoke. you should come up there and sing with us next time!
I love you too!

and ditto on the part about being sad... :0(
For some reason, we never get to do the whole friends for such a long time, and bonding thing. We should though, you know? Parties are more fun with LL.
PORNEOKE?? Why wasn't I invited?
hey you :)
add me.

porneoke...i miss it so.