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i'm not your star...

isn't that what you said?

*lindsey the linginator*
25 October
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hi, i'm lindsey.
80's movies, allister, being in love, birthdays, blink182, boogie boarding, books, brand new, brandon, bubble boy, can't hardly wait, candy, cats, cereal, cheese, converse, dancing, dashboard confessional, donnie darko, drive through winter, eminem, empire records, ethan embry, even stevens, existentialism, eyes, fall, fantasy, fenixtx, finch, free stuff, friends, glazed donuts, good charlotte, green day, halloween, hanlon, happenstance, harry potter, homegrown, hoobastank, hot chocolate, hot dogs, hugs, ice cream(especially.coffeeflavored.), in passing, incubus, intellectualism, jake gyllenhaal, jimmy eat world, john cusack, kissing, kissy faces, learning, less than jake, letters, linkin park, livejournal, lotr, love, lucky charms, making.out.in.parking.lots, mest, michelle branch, midtown, moonlit walks, moshing, movies, music, mxpx, my hotel year, new found glory, no doubt, panda bears!, pasta, people.that.are.real, phonecalls, photography, pictures, pixie haircuts, postal service, pumpkin pie, punkrock shows, relient k, riverview, road trips, rufio, running, rx bandits, saves the day, scene kids, serendipity, showers, shows, silly faces, ska, skater boys, smiles, soft skin, something corporate, spelling! i.can.do.it.well, spiked hair, star wars, sugarcult, sum41, summer days, sunsets, surfing, sweater weather, swimming, taking back sunday, tampa, the ataris, the beach, the breakfast club, the get up kids, the sci fi channel, the september engagement, the starting line, the sunday network, thrift shopping, trick or treating, unexpected kisses, unsung zeros, unwritten law, valrico, vanessa carlton, waking.up.next.to.someone.wonderful, walks.on.the.beach, weezer, writing, yellowcard